VI design, what does a complete VI design include? , What is vi design?

Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the problem of vi design, so the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce vi design, let us work together Let's see. What does a complete VI design include? What does a complete VI design include? A complete VI design includes the following requirements; 1. Company name The main function of Vi design products is to spread, so when designing, the company name should be highlighted on the title page. The name of the enterprise should also be closely combined with the specific characteristics of the enterprise and highlight the business philosophy of the enterprise. 2. Enterprise logo The logo of an enterprise is the symbol and representative of the enterprise. The logo of the enterprise must have two characteristics. One is the degree of recognition, preferably a "super symbol" that can be recognized at a glance; It must be related to the brand positioning and brand vision of the enterprise, and can make consumers associate with the brand. 3. Corporate slogan After talking about the corporate logo, let’s talk about the corporate slogan. The corporate slogan is a summary of the corporate philosophy and characteristics. A catchy slogan can well show the corporate characteristics and make consumers remember. Therefore, in the process of designing, it is necessary to set a unique font for the slogan and place it in a prominent position to achieve better publicity purposes. 4. Mascot The mascot is a lively and lovely visual product to attract the attention and love of consumer groups. Like the corporate logo, it is also a recognizable super symbol. 5. Standard characters Standard characters include fonts, font sizes, Word spacing, etc., should be based on the name and image of the company to choose the appropriate standard characters, to ensure that the final presentation effect can well highlight the characteristics of the company, and at the same time be full of beauty, so that consumers can feel the beauty and strengthen the brand. cognition. The extended data visual identification system is a systematic and unified visual symbol system. Visual recognition is a concrete and visual communication form of static recognition symbols, with the most items, the widest level and more direct effect. The visual identity system belongs to VI in CIS. It uses a complete and systematic visual communication system to convert abstract semantics such as corporate philosophy, cultural characteristics, service content, and corporate norms into specific symbolic concepts to create a unique corporate image. The visual identity system is divided into two aspects: the basic element system and the applied element system. At this point, the above is the small editor's introduction to the problem of vi design. I hope that the 1-point answer about vi design will be useful to everyone.

VI design, what does a complete VI design include? , What is vi design?

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