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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the construction of Android mobile websites, so the editor has compiled 2 related answers to introduce the construction of Android mobile websites, let us work together Let's see. How to build a mobile website? What should we pay attention to when building a mobile website? How to build a mobile website? The construction of mobile website, simply put, mobile website = domain name + space. As long as the domain name and space are prepared, a preliminary mobile website is ready. 1. Detailed steps. 1. Step 1: Register a mobile domain name: a mobile domain name is what we usually call a mobi domain name. It is the only mobile domain name at present! And because of the widespread popularity of mobile phones, investment in mobile domain names was once favored! To register a mobile domain name, you must first choose a domain name registrar! This step is very important, because after-sales of domain names is very important, so you must Find a strong registrar. 2. The second step: buy space: The space of mobile website is different from the domain name, there is no particularity, it is the same as the space used to build a website. Buying space is mainly a matter of positioning. First of all, you need to know what to do and how much space to buy. It’s a pity that the space is not enough to fill a bottle, and it’s troublesome if it’s not enough! Of course, it’s better to have a larger space. There’s no need to buy 1G for things that can be done with 100M space. 3. The third part: Make a website: 1. A mobile website can establish a good image for a company. Enterprise mobile phone websites can present enterprises, products and related information to all wireless terminal users with pictures and texts, allowing enterprises and products to be displayed in another window, thus opening up an unprecedented mobile phone consumer market. 2. Mobile website refers to a website specially written in WML (Wireless Markup Language) for mobile browsing, usually with text information and simple picture information. Due to the limited screen size and CPU processing power of mobile phones, websites optimized for mobile phones are more convenient for users to browse. This also puts forward new requirements for website design: the website should adapt to mobile phone browsing. Three, mobile website optimization skills. 1. Keep the domain name as short as possible. The shorter the domain name, the easier it is for users to remember; 2. The restrictions on robots are released. The UA of Baidu spider is Baiduspider (www is the same as wap), and some webmasters often mistake it for the UA of Baidu mobile crawler. It is baiduspider-mobile; 3. Use a third-party smart phone service platform to build. The advantage of this platform is that the templates are rich and diverse, no professional technology is required, and there is professional team support; 4. Clear website keywords, of course, the shorter and more popular Good; 5. Whether the page is static, and the static processing is in place, and the access is also bullish all the way; 6. Pay attention to the link factor, because in a sense, the link factor is more important than the page content, and the importance of anchor text is highlighted here; 7. Finally, it is necessary to clarify the overall structure of the website. No search engine likes a website with a chaotic structure. What should we pay attention to when building a mobile website? In the website construction of today's Internet era, the traffic data of the mobile website far exceeds that of the PC terminal, and various PC terminal operations and WeChat are gradually transferred to the mobile terminal. Major companies are also following the pace of the times, aiming at the needs of users for fragmented browsing time and convenient use, and have built their own mobile websites one after another. So what are the characteristics of mobile website construction? What other aspects need attention? Next, Xiaoqiyun, a Beijing website construction company, will give you a brief introduction. 1. The characteristics of mobile website construction: 1. Simple and convenient operation. Since most terminals are accessed by mobile phones, the mobile website has a small screen but strong interaction, but at the same time it has portability, accuracy, real-time and privacy , can be positioned and so on. Therefore, in order to reduce frequent user operations and allow users to quickly find the information they want, making the operation as simple and easy as possible is the biggest feature of the mobile website. 2. The content is accurate and concise. The content of the mobile website should be simplified. The screen of the mobile device is limited, and the content of the website is too complicated. Expressed, it can greatly save users' browsing time and improve the friendliness of mobile websites. 2. Issues that need to be paid attention to on the mobile website: 1. For the PC website, there may be a large number of complex framework structures, which makes the operation of the PC website more complicated, while the mobile website is relatively simple and streamlined. The link depth is as deep as the PC side, so try to simplify the process of users performing complex operations on the mobile phone as much as possible. 2. The pictures on the mobile website should adapt to the settings. Because browsing the website on a mobile phone is not as convenient as the PC terminal, the operation is not as handy as the PC terminal, and the network speed is not as fast as the PC terminal. Too many pictures will cause the web page to load too slowly. The picture resolution is not high, so that users can see the pictures clearly, so we need to be cautious in the selection and use of pictures. At this point, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the construction of Android mobile websites. I hope that the 2-point answers about the construction of Android mobile websites will be useful to everyone.

Android mobile website construction, how to build a mobile website? ,

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