Airplane Blitz ➻ What to do if you can't play multiplayer battles?

Today I will share with you the knowledge of Airplane Blitz, and it will also explain what to do if you can't afford multiplayer airplane blitz. If you can happen to solve it For the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to this site, let's start now! List of content in this article: 1. How to fight blitzkrieg? 2. What is blitzkrieg 3. How to switch the perspective of aircraft in blitzkrieg in the world of war? So how did Bai Qi fight this "blitzkrieg" that made South Korea unstoppable? Before talking about this battle, let's talk about a person first. Comprehensive articles. The core essence of firing a gun is to hit the waterline. Based on this, you can predict the opponent's position and speed for preview. How much you can hit depends on the feel and face. During the game, it is meaningless to look at the small map more, analyze the battlefield situation more, and choose to move. Resource suggestions The map resources in Blitz are particularly rich. After landing, you can see purple or orange firearm accessories everywhere, mainly rifles and sniper rifles, and there are very few shotguns. But since the safe zone will shrink quickly, there is no need to pick up the sniper rifle. What is blitzkrieg 1. Blitzkrieg is a quick combat operation. That is to use a large number of fast troops and new weapons to launch a sudden attack, destroy the enemy's resistance at lightning speed, and achieve the intended combat purpose. It also generally refers to a non-military surprise attack. Blitzkrieg, also known as Blitzkrieg, is a war mode created by the famous German general Guderian. 2. Blitzkrieg is also translated as blitzkrieg. It is a combat style that concentrates a large number of aircraft, tanks and mechanized fast-moving troops to launch lightning-like surprise attacks. The purpose is to attempt to destroy the opponent's resistance in one fell swoop and win the war in a short period of time. First used by fascist Germany in World War II. 3. Blitzkrieg, also known as Blitzkrieg, is a tactic used by Nazi Germany in World War II. Its founder is the famous German general Heinz Wilhelm Guderian. How to switch the perspective of the aircraft in World of War Blitz The third perspective of War Thunder is set through the control mode options. Then switch to the control mode option on the left in the pop-up interface. Finally, find the switching angle of view. After setting the button at the back, you can switch the helicopter angle of view in the game. Press the V key to switch the perspective, here is the perspective of the photoelectric pod. The direction indicated by the photoelectric pod is consistent with the circle cursor, and it will show you where it points. Press Z to zoom in (generally Z is not very convenient, and you need to bind a shortcut key on the mouse). In the air team interface that appears, click on the aircraft you want to enter, and then press the space bar to switch to the first-person view. At this point, the player can manipulate the first perspective of the aircraft for air combat. That’s all for the introduction of Airplane Blitz. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about Airplane Blitz if you can’t afford multiplayer battles and Airplane Blitz.

Airplane Blitz ➻ What to do if you can't play multiplayer battles?

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